The Gary: Tank Commander Wiki has transcript articles for all episodes of Gary: Tank Commander released. This page is for understanding how to read them and edit them.

Rules and styles Edit

Please follow the following rules when editing transcript articles.

  • Stick to the defined layout. If you are unfamiliar how to work with the transcripts, just use what is already existing for reference.
    Dialogues exists inside <poem> tags, to allow for them breaking when next to each other.
    <poem>'''Speaker''': Dialogue.</poem>
    Dialogue may include attributes and descriptions. Attributes, such as "reading" or "singing" are not in italics, but descriptions are.
    <poem>'''Speaker''': [attribute] Dialogue. ''[Description.]'' More dialogue.</poem>
    Note: The descriptions only appear in text when it is in the middle of a sentence, should the person not continue to talk, it will be a new line with the description. Also, descriptions of scenes, cut to's, flashbacks and the like cannot exist inside a dialogue, despite if it is the same person talking in the new scene.
    Description are prefixed by a ":", which keeps it indented, to appear different from the dialogue.
    :''[This a description.]''
    Notice that the description is always in italics. If it is a special kind of description, such as a new scene or a cut to or a montage, it will start with this in bold.
    :''['''Scene''': Scene name.  Scene description.]''
    Some scenes starts with a location name, others don't. Only included when the name is available. Flashbacks are special as well, as they start in non-italics, but not bold.
    :''[''Flashback.'' Scene description.]''
  • Keep it British English. Gary: Tank Commander is a British TV Show, and as such, British English will be used.